Custom Tracker Ghillie Kit – Choose Your Own Color


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Please let us know the color that you want at the bottom of the “viewcart” page in the notes section Custom Tracker Ghillie Kit Our full custom Tracker kit comes complete with everything you need to build our Famous Ghillie Tracker! We offer these kits in 4 of the most popular color combinations just like our pre-made suits – Let us know if you want woodland, desert, mossy, or leafy green. Each kit gets 5 pounds of our pre-cut and dyed Jute thread a 5’x4′ nylon net with 1×1 squares and color directions on how to assemble an exact replica of our Ghillie Tracker. But best of all, you decide on the colors! Choose from any of our 8 different colors, up to 5 pounds. Build your own today, or order one pre-made. Kits take about 5 hours to complete. Includes One (1 lb.) bag of a Dry fire-retardant.

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