Deluxe Ghillie Suit


    Ghillie Suit

  • High Quality
  • Designed for a Forest, Swamp, Grassland, or Vegetative Environment
  • Netting with Finely Crafter Leaves

Be invisible in the woods! Well crafted FI -Dragon brand leaf style burlap Ghillie Suit. One size fits medium to xlarge male body. Excellent quality versatile design for use with many tactical applications. Made heavy duty with polyester netting, and lots of polyester leaves. Full body suit to cover from head to toe. Has openings for face, hands, and feet. Comes with fire retardant substance to reduce fire hazard. It is highly recommended not to smoke while wearing this product as it can be highly flammable. Keep away from open fires, and sparks. Excellent quality at a great price.

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