Kids Ghillie Suit Set Woodland Green Camo


    Popular with kids, Size: L/XL for ages 11-14

  • Paintball
  • Hunting
  • Camping and Outdoors
  • Color: Woodland green camouflage

Complete 4-piece set has everything for a full ghillie suit. Kids size made specially for youth. Best yet, it allows ground crawling with ease. Now your kids can have fun in complete camouflage.Very popular with kids who love to play Army, paintball or hide in the woods. Sizes: L/XL (approximate ages 11-14) Be completely covered in camouflage.It is water resistant, fire resistant, mold resistant and non-allergenic. This full youth ghillie set includes: Pull-over jacket, Head piece with face veil, Pants, and Rifle wrap. Be completely covered in camouflage.

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