Special Ops Paintball Hunter Ghillie Suit Mossy-Large


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Light Weight Paintball Synthetic Ghillie Jacket & Pants setAdvantages with the NEW Light Weight Ghillie Suit!Water-proof Synthetic threadRot-proofMildew resistantFire-retardantWashableOdor-less & Non-allergenicComplete Jacket & Pants weight (Medium = 4.75 lbs.)We use a No-See-Um fabric for the inside lining. This feels smooth to the skin so you can wear a T-shirt underneath. On the outside is a Nylon netting. Attached to this netting is our Synthetic string. The Nylon netting allows you to add local vegatation to blend into your local surroundings. The cuffs on the jacket and pants each have cord-locks sewn in to keep the bugs out. The Jacket has a draw cord on the attached hood, and a draw cord at the waist. The Jacket has a zipper, and there is a flap that covers the zipper. Velcro is sewn in to secure the flap, covering the zipper.The Pants have Elastic sewn in the waist for added comfort, and Most Importantly, Belt Loops! Large Size, Mossy Patter

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